The Best Creams to Get Rid of Pimples

Pimples can pop up in your face when least expected. It sometimes appears when you need to take that important photo or attend a special occasion with someone. There are creams to get rid of pimples and save yourself from all the worries.

Pimples are a common skin condition that normally affects both teenagers and adults. Dermatologists see it as one of the most common skin conditions, which is not surprising. The main issue of concern is the fact that many people don’t know how to treat pimples. What is the best thing to do when you see a new pimple on your face? You would most likely go to the pharmacy to purchase a cream you can use on your pimple.

However, one pimple is easily treated with an over-the-counter cream, but any subsequent swelling pimples that appear after the first one is completely healed can’t be treated with this product.

To prevent pimples from popping up on your face regularly, you need to address the root cause. Not effectively eliminating toxins is one major cause of pimples on your face. Pimples are an obvious sign of toxins present on our skin.

How to get rid of the root cause of pimples

For a start, you will have to stop adding toxic substances into your body if it isn’t removing toxins quickly enough. Most of the diets we eat today are dominated by processed foods, and most of them contain hormone injections, pesticides, or other chemicals that can be harmful to the body. To get rid of toxins, you must stop eating processed foods, sugary foods and meat. Following a detox diet, it will help your body to heal. You can start by replacing them with new and healthier options like fruits and vegetables.

Your body will easily eliminate toxins from the past if you eat 70% – 80% natural foods. Remember to drink lots of water. Half of your body weight should be consumed in ounces.

Creams for pimples removal in Nigeria

Before now, it takes some trial-and-error to find the right pimple creams, but with these expert-recommended creams, trust me, you can’t go wrong. Please read carefully to know which is best for your skin.

1.       Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment:

Nearly all dermatologists do recommend Differin Gel. Before now, it had to be prescribed before you could have access to it, but now you can get it over the counter. Dendy Englman, a Dermatologist, says that this retinol gel is one of the best creams for pimples because it targets a few factors which contribute to acne, including inflammation and facilitating cell turnover.

Differin Gel also helps to fade dark spots and keep blackheads away. It can make so much difference if you have mild but persistent acne. However, this gel should not be used as a spot treatment.


2.       Bare Body Essentials Anti Acne Cream:

This acne cream is made with cocoa butter and removes all blemishes, pimples or marks. It is tested and proven to give you clear, glowing skin that is well-nourished and healthy.

3.       Bella Vita Anti Acne Cream :

This cream moisturizer is mild and gentle against pimples. It is light in weight and contains neem, aloe vera and tulsi. It cools your skin immediately after application and keeps it moisturized and nourished.

4.       Retino-A Tretinoin Cream:

Tretinoin is one of the best face creams for pimples, mostly prescribed by dermatologists. Tretinoin is only available on prescription. It usually comes with two concentrations: 0.025% or 0.05%. It not only reduces the appearance of un-popped zits but also smoothens the skin texture. Tretinoin also reduces scarring from collagen loss during the healing of pimples. Retinol-A is the most poular tretinoin formula.

5.       Nmarks Acne Cream for Pimples:

This cream is made with natural ingredients such as lemon, clove, and licorice. It’s calm on the skin but effective in controlling Pimples. It is thick and requires some massaging to absorb. It isn’t oily and can be used by those with oily skin.

6.       Oriflame Pure Skin Spot SOS Gel:

This Action Gel is the right cream for pimple removal. It starts the healing process for pimples in just 8 hours. The transparent gel can be applied topically to the affected areas. Once it dries, it peels easily. The product prevents dark spots from spreading and can be used for up to two weeks.

7.       Neutrogena on-the-Spot Acne Treatment:

Neutrogena is a highly effective pimple removal cream that reduces breakouts and improves redness in few days. Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment is gentle on the skin. They are suitable for oily or sensitive skin. You are free to use it at night or daytime because it absorbs easily.