Original Serums for Glowing Skin

Vitamin C is one vital skincare ingredient needed to glow your skin. And for the best reason, it contains lots of antioxidants capable of improving any dull skin texture and tone. Reduce aging signs, clear dark spots, hyperpigmentation, fight skin radical damage, increase collagen production, and provide anti-inflammatory effects. Applying serums are important ways to get a creamy skin; most of them contain Vitamin C. But one question most people ask is how to get original cheap serums that will glow their skin? Read more below to get details of the best serums you can pick from.

Applying Vitamin C serum for a skincare routine is something anyone can do with ease. However, special caution should be taken because too much of it can potentially irritate your skin. It is highly recommended you get those that contain between 10 – 15% they produce the best results. If you have oily skin or desire to boost your skin collagen production or possibly fight aging signs, check out some original cheap serums for glowing your skin below:


A gentle skin serum loved by many for its effective performance. It contains about 15% of L-Ascorbic acid and an outstanding proven form of Vitamin C. This Serum does not irritate skin compared to others that I have tried. From experience, SkinCeuticals is one of the best skin serums that brighten skin and leave it glowing.

Many thanks to its additional anti-inflammatory properties of added vitamin E, which helps to complement sunscreens and reduce the side effects of environmental stressors on the skin.

2.       OLAY:

Olay is one of the best value Vitamin C serums kept in a look-alike radiance bottle. It contains concentrated skin tone-evening ingredients like niacinamide. A recent study that included 144 women showed that Olay serum could remove dark spots and uneven tone after two weeks of usage. I can boldly say it is one of the customer’s favorites, it can be found in creams. It doesn’t cost a fortune. This particular Serum delivers the best results when it is paired with Olay Luminous tone perfecting cream.

3.       L’OREAL PARIS:

It is specially formulated for optimal skin absorption. The special packaging on L’Oreal Paris product stand out helps ensure the vitamin C inside remains stable or effective. Research from lab experts show it’s exceptional and great for targeting hyperpigmentation or dark spots. The Serum works well when pointed to dart spot problem areas for treatments.


The Mary Kay Timewise line has been on the eCommerce website for a long time. It is nothing new to many. We have recommended this product for years to different beauty Lab experts for different skincare concerns. Vitamin C and E are part of their ingredients that help replenish age-defying skin.  Clinical studies have proven that this Serum is generally mild and suits all skin, including sensitive ones.



One of the top-rated serums brightens, hydrate, and plump skin due to the right amount of vitamin C present in its ingredients. Drunk Elephant also contains vitamin E, Fruit enzymes, and Ferulic acid that buff the skin’s texture.

6.       CLINIQUE:

If you desire to clear your scar completely within a week, then Clinique is the best Serum to go for. It contains Vitamin C, potent and fresh. However, this Serum can be used with your regular moisturizer; avoid overuse because it can cause mild redness or dryness on the skin.


This Serum is an oil formulation suitable for skin hydration and helps to boost radiance and reduce discoloration from your skin. All these are made possible with its Vitamin C, Jojoba seed oil, rosehip oil to help cell generation, green tea for skin protection, and Vitamin E that protects the skin from environmental stressors. One love organic is also an anti-aging serum suitable for all skin types.

To enjoy the maximum benefits of any serum, you should pick something suitable for your skin. Those mentioned above contain combinations of potent ingredients that can repair any damaged skin and make it healthier. You can pick from the list to enjoy the best feel of your skin. If you are not satisfied with the earlier mentioned serums, you can check our eCommerce website at creams.ng. Our experts will be ready to help.