Original and Cheap Perfume in Nigeria

It is possible to stop someone on your way to ask them the name of the perfume they wear. It is nothing but the power of good fragrances. Not everyone will remember your appearance, but they will recall how nice you smell. Some fragrances command attention. Someone can work into a room, and everyone turns to look because of the pleasant scent. This is how nice some original and cheap perfume in Nigeria can be.

So many people believe perfume should cost a fortune to get good fragrances. But this isn’t true. You can get affordable perfumes that will smell nice without breaking your bank. All you need is to consult a perfume expert or browse the best collections on the website creams.ng. They sell original perfume at affordable prices. You can also ask their sales representative to help you choose from the description. You should try out different scents to enable you decide which is best.

The rumour about cheap perfumes in Nigeria is that the smell is too strong or too weak. It can’t stand for hours before fading off, and you are left with a mix of sweat and the weak perfume. Trust me; the smell isn’t pleasant. But as earlier said, this is nothing but a rumour. There is a clear difference between cheap and fake. It doesn’t have to be fake because it is cheap or original because it is expensive. Many affordable perfumes in Nigeria smell nice and can protect more than 24hours. Below are some of my favorites, you will love them.

1. Fragrance World Velocity for Him EDP Perfume for Men

This is one of the best cheap perfumes for men in Nigeria who wants to smell fresh throughout their working hours. Its Ingredients consist of grapefruit, bergamot and pink pepper, and jasmine tender rose, jasmine and dewy violet.

2. Emper Lady President Perfume for Women:

Emper Lady has a long-lasting fragrance; it is affordable and the right perfume for women, the right pick to get rid of odours or sweat smells. Some of Emper Lady key features include Superior Quality, Value for your money, Reliable and effectiveness. This perfume is available for purchase at a low price. Let’s say from N3,000 – N3,500.

3. Fragrance World Brown Orchid Oud Edition Unisex EDP:

This sensual perfume has a luxurious scent yet is affordable. A unisex perfume that combines a variety of ingredients to create a long-lasting and unique fragrance. Fragrance World Brown is available at purchase from N2,500 to N3,000 only.

4. Elizabeth Arden Beauty EDP for Women:

Since it was first introduced in 2002, Elizabeth Arden Beauty EDP is still a good pick for women who want to smell nice on a cheap budget. It is made up of different ingredients like; Sandalwood, rhubarb, bergamot and orchids, which give it a distinctive floral green scent.

5. Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

Davidoff cheap perfume is one of the customers favorite. It has top notes of cassis, a middle note of rose and some base of vanilla and patchouli. It cost 18,000, still a huge saving compared to Giorgio Armani’s Famous Si Perfume.

6. Night OUD EDT

Unisex perfuses are preferred by those who love cool smell and don’t like fragrance that smells too masculine or feminine.  However, most of the products you will find online are either too expensive or do not last long enough to suit your taste. But with Night OUD EDT, you are guaranteed a long-lasting fragrance and freshness at an affordable price.

You can get this perfume for N4,500 only. It doesn’t leave stains on clothes and can retain its fragrance for a long period before wearing off.

For years now, cheap perfumes have been everywhere compared to the few expensive brands. Sometimes the expensive ones may not be the best buy, more reason you should go for what suits your taste and pocket. I’m sure most of the perfumes mentioned above must have surprised you. Almost same ingredients in expensive perfume is present in these cheap products, but you still have to be careful to get the original even though it is cheap.

You can look around the internet to read more reviews on this or check out our eCommerce store at creams.ng. Our experts will surely get you the best pick at an affordable price.