Affordable makeup products in Nigeria

When you visit a makeup shop, you may be curious to know which products are original and affordable to buy. I understand these feelings because everyone wants to play safe, not ruin their entire look with the wrong makeup kit.

The Nigerian beauty market is rapidly evolving. Each day, new beauty brands and products emerge. They offer top quality at an affordable rate when compared to international makeup brands.

From experience, I can tell there are lots of good makeup brands in Nigeria you will love. You can check out some of these makeup products with the best reviews to determine which is best for you. I will be listing out the original and affordable makeup products in Nigeria that make everyone proud. They are unique and trustworthy.

Overview of original and affordable product brands

Nigerian brands are so focused to make people look better. They achieve this by producing attractive lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, powder, among other products. More interesting is the fact that new brands are coming up with unique products. This makes the makeup market in Nigeria highly competitive. Check out some top brands. You will love their high-quality products. However, these companies are listed in no particular order.

1.       Zaron Makeup Brand:

Makeup artiste favourite. Zaron makeup is a must-have for those in Nigeria. This brand was founded by Oke Maduewesi, who consistently gave her all to make these products a success. From a local to international standard in few years. Zaron products are found in all makeup artist’s kits in Nigeria; that’s how famous this brand is.

With their consistency in providing value for every item purchased, Zaron no doubt aims to enhance physical beauty, engender inner happiness, and boost self-esteem.

Zaron produces foundations, spray and gel liners to lipsticks and eyelashes.

2.       Zikel Makeup:

Kelvin Ezekiel is the founder of Zikel cosmetic. A famous cosmetic company in Nigeria that offers top quality and affordable makeup for all skin types. This brand also has international standards and is mainly found among African makeup lovers.

With their clinically proven high-quality makeup products, they could carve a niche in Nigeria’s makeup market quickly. Today Zikel cosmetic has outlets beyond Nigeria territories. It also creates a suitable opportunity for youth to register as distributors for their products and be a self-boss quickly.

Zikel makeup specializes in true foundation, a mini palette for the glow, rollable eyebrow pencil and even pro matte HD foundation. You can purchase this product from our eCommerce store at

3.       Dabota Makeup Products:

Dabota Lawson founded this cosmetics company. This makeup brand was specifically made for queens. They have one of the best and affordable products in Nigeria suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Their products are free from paraben and allergy-tested.

Their products are mineral-based and oil-free, a perfect suit for all weather conditions in the country. Check out their lipsticks and lip-glosses contain Vitamin E. Debota sells products like cream foundations, anti-aging foundations, Dual powders, lip glosses, lipsticks, and all types of foundation brushes. You can get this product in most online stores, but it’s best to check at to gain quality at an affordable price.

4.       Kuddy Cosmetics Makeup Brand:

Kuddy cosmetics is one of the earlier known cosmetic brands in Nigeria. It is own by Kudirat Fashola. Kuddy cosmetics provide the best quality beauty products. Makeup artists often refer to this brand as the solution to cosmetics; it brings out your inner beauty, and enhance your outer beauty. Kuddy cosmetics enable users to be bold and courageous or natural and gently, whichever you prefer.

You may be tempted to ask which products are kuddy cosmetics specialized in? The truth is, they have a wide variety of products, from pre-makeup to actual makeup products. is one of their most trusted beauty retailers in Nigeria.

5.       Nuban Beauty Makeup

They provide original and cheap makeup products in Nigeria. Nuban beauty is an innovative premium makeup brand committed to delivering high-quality products tailored explicitly for African women.

They are well known to produce the best beauty blenders, eyeshadow palettes, and mascaras, which most makeup artists dream product. Their lipsticks, mink lashes and makeup fixing sprays are exceptional.

Are there any other Nigerian cosmetic brands you would like to know about or purchase? Please contact our skin beauty agent at