Dark spot removal cream in Nigeria

Having dark spots on your face can be so frustrating. Some of these spots take time to clear off. Ladies don’t feel any level of comfort with these ugly marks because most home remedies are sometimes not as effective as described. It will be cool if you’ve tried some dark spot removal cream.

What are dark spots?

Dark spots are small patches or spots that discoloured skin due to Melanin malfunction. Our skin colour is determined by melanin, which causes these spots to appear. The dark spot appears in many sizes and can be found on all parts of the body. However, they are common in areas that are frequently exposed to sunlight. If the spot is darker than your skin, it will take a few weeks to months to disappear. But there are some with darker colours and require more than natural methods to get rid of them.

What are the major causes of Dark Spot?

Dark spots can be caused by external or internal factors: Ageing, excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful radiations, stress, vitamins, and poor skincare. Dark spots are not harmful in any form, but they give you a bumpy and unpleasant appearance. See how these factors cause a dark spot.

1.       Sun Damage:

Those who live in areas with the most sunlight are more exposed to sunspots or solar lentigines. These spots appear in the arms, hands, face, and any other body exposed body parts.

2.       Hormonal change

Melasma is a skin condition that causes skin discolouration in tiny patches, is also known as mild skin disease. They are common in a woman above 22 years of age, especially during pregnancy. Hormones can trigger melasma.

3.       Diabetes

Dark spots on the skin can also be caused by diabetes—Acanthosis, also known as diabetic dermopathy and velvety skin can appear as age spots.

4.       Side Effects of Medication

Dark spots can also be triggered by certain drugs that increase skin pigmentation. The most common among these categories are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Tetracyclines and psychotropic drugs, among others.

Are there any skin spot correction?

Yes. But each skin is different and demands specific attention. Most dark spot removal creams you will find online are essentially skin-lightening agents. And they have lots of side effects such as reddening, extreme dryness, itchiness, or even burning sensations. You can conduct intensive research or contact us at creams.ng to prescribe what will work best for your skin. However, we will not fail to outline.

How to get rid of dark spots from your skin?

This is one frequent question we receive from our customers daily at creams.ng. I know how curious you are to get rid of that dark spot as quickly as you can. We would appreciate your efforts if you had tried natural ingredients. However, it is becoming more challenging to determine which ingredients remove dark spots and which products perform well. Kojic Acid, Arbutin, Niacinamide(vitamin B3) and bearberry are all-natural remedies for skin lightening and can also remove dark spots.  No doubt they are great for the skin, as they can be used for any skin type.

These ingredients are more likely to cause some side effects than hydroquinone. A skincare company recently conducted research and tested a dozen products and found few worthies of credit. If you have been searching for the best cream to treat dark spots, you can quickly grab one below.

1.       Meladerm

This product has been around for few years. Let’s say more than 10 years. Meladerm is a suitable cream that can remove dark spots from your skin. It has proven to be effective from numerous tests. Customers are satisfied with this product because if they don’t get their desired result after 30days of purchase, they can always get their full refund.

2.       White Lucent Brightening

Moisturizing cream is another dark spot removal cream in Nigeria made from natural extracts. It perfectly suits people with sensitive skin. It has a rich texture for a smooth skin sensation. White lucent is free from hydroquinone. More reason you can find it in most retail stores around. But I advise you to get it from a trusted online retail shop, and you can check out creams.ng to purchase it at a discounted price.

3.       Achromin skin whitening cream

This cream is highly effective in removing dark spots from the face. It is also preferable for skin blemishes and dark spots. It makes your skin appears brighter and healthier in a short period. It has a perfect combination of Vitamins E and B3, which produces better results.

4.       Carotone black spot corrector

Caro tone black spots corrector is a multi-action cream that has been rated the best for black spot removal. This cream becomes effective within 24 hours. This cream can eliminate all types of acne scarring within 3 days. It also gives the skin a beautiful, even-toned complexion, smoothing the skin. Carotone is the best cream for removing dark spots on the face with minimal or no side effects.

5.       Funbact-A for dark spots

Funbact-A is another dark spot remover cream in Nigeria. It is very affordable. It contains Betamethasone Dipropionate, which is less potent than the Clobetasol Propionate in any other dark spot correction cream. It shows remarkable and rabid results when applied to all skin types, even with acne skin or skin inflammations. The skin also becomes lighter after application.

You can create a great facial care routine by using any of these products combined with the others. These products can be ordered online at creams.ng to be delivered directly to your home.