Bone straight weavon: What you need to know

When we look online, we see lots of stunning human hair everywhere, including the trendy bone straight weavon. This hair is expensive, yet everyone wants it. Bone straight hair looks similar to natural human hair that has been trending for a while now, and it seems to be a selling point. But there is a huge difference between the bone straight weavon and the natural human hair. Bone straight appears tin. They appear thinner, elegant and calm than it is. They look natural and is tightly knotted; this makes it draws attention to every movement.

How can you tell if your hair is bone straight?

Bone straight hair is easy to style and feels flat, making it noticeable even from a distance. However, it cannot be curled because of its straightness; for more reason, it is called bone straight. Don’t try using a bending roller, a tonging device, or a curler. It’s almost impossible to curl bone straight weavon. It’s so flat and smooth from top to button.

What to look out for when buying a bone straight weavon?

Before you decide to purchase your desired bone straight weavon, please do some research from, to know the different types available and prices; we have carefully sorted them out on our eCommerce site to help you choose your preferable types and styles. Purchasing from us saves you additional cash because we sell at an affordable price. Bone straight hair has little split ends and a wonderful texture. If you don’t research, you might not be aware of this.

You must know the different grades available before you decide which is best to purchase. Bone straight hair comes in three grades. The 7A is the lowest grade, while the 9A is the highest. You should be careful not to get lower quality for the same price you ought to pay for an expensive grade.

I will advise you to choose a neutral and simple colour, especially if you have a limited budget. Whenever you get bored of the neutral colour, you can dye the hair to something different. No doubt you must have heard a million and one things about bone straight hair, but I’m here to present you with essential facts like; its cost, types, and possible ways to maintain it.

Types of Bone Straight weavon

1.       Single-drawn:

This style has multiple lengths and comes in mixed extensions. It looks thick at the top, but it reduces in thickness towards the middle and ends. This hair type is less expensive when compared to other types I’ll be mentioning.


2.       Double-Drawn:

This bone straight weavon looks the same in length, thicker and fuller at the top, middle and button. It’s more expensive when compared to single-drawn.


3.       Super Double Drawn:

Most ladies prefer this bone straight style because it is extremely thick and has 85 – 90% hair strands of the same length. This type of hair gives the same illusion as natural hair. Trust me; it is the most expensive type of bone straight hair right now.

The lengths of Single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn range from 10 – 30 inches, weighing from 200 – 300 grams at range.

How do you maintain your bone straight weavon?

Sometimes, these hairs do not arrive at your destinations with the same texture due to the special packaging and long shipping period. What then is required to keep this hair healthy for an extended period? Let’s see the special care tips below.

When unboxing your package, ensure you shake it because it sometimes appears sloppy from shipping instead of its original straight bones. Shaking it helps to restore the hair strands, and if it was rolled during packing before shipping, try to straighten the hair again after packing. Most hair extensions bundles require special tools such as a hair straightener. Ensure you apply coconut oil and keratin to the surface of the hair straightener to reduce colour fading and dry hair.

Bone straight weavon price in Nigeria

From the types mentioned above, it’s clear that prices for this type of hair vary, depending on the length and gram you need. Current prices of bone straight weavon in Nigeria ranges from N60,000 to N300,00 and above.